So Real - EP

by LeVar Thomas



An EP for the lovers. However you love.


released September 16, 2015

Levar Thomas;Dream Beats;Conscious Beats




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LeVar Thomas Florida

I am a singer and songwriter born in South Carolina. I'm proud to be a college graduate with a BBA in Marketing and I'm co-owner and lead editor of the lifestyle magazine

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Track Name: So Real (Prod Dream Beats)
What's the word, what you say, what's the word, what you say, what you saying today girl?

Beside myself, with the joy of a love, between girl and boy yeah
in our case man and woman, cause i can feel your sun
on my skin when your around, whether sunny or gray
& butterflies, could lift me away, like a Banksy balloon in Paris in May.
Do you mind, because i’m fully willing baby you got me reeling, reaching for a feeling, that I can’t get enough of and its so real, its so real

Impede my thoughts, keep my mind on track or it could get too far, too away from me
trying to keep it together but thinking its soft as a feather, also wet as Niagra, I’ll starve here without your feel.
If I close my eyes, mem’ries relight the way. Feels like a heat, from a bonfire in May.
And I need your touch, got my heart on the ceiling, so damn stuck on a feeling baby your real is thrilling. I can’t get enough of it. so real, its so real, so real its so real.

You brought a new meaning of love in my life, and you're making a better man out of me and like Stevie says, my Cheri Amour. I do adore you and I'm gonna love you....and its so real to me, and its gonna be forever more. its so real, so real its so real.
Track Name: Let's Get Away (prod Conscious Beats)
Let's Get Away -

Baby I, Want to take you far away with me
Your boss got too many damn demands
and he’s keeping you too long from me
can’t make no plans, and I’m tired of waiting,
well I don’t want to wait no more
Grab some flats and some shades
and bring that sexy sway
you have when you walk
cause I ain’t talking just to talk

said I don’t wanna wait
Lets get away.

All these people, making bucket lists and its such a shame
Won’t ever make no time, no time to lay back in the shade
and you know what they say, about all that work and no play
and i’m not dull and i’m here to show you
show you the time of your life
Well if its at home or paradise,
You pick a the bottle I got the ice
Think about leaving forever
and I ain’t talking just to talk
Track Name: The Ride feat. Mike Petrone (prod Dream Beats)
Just listen :)